Your Thoughts Please

Blog Week 22A

Your Thoughts Please

I realize this is not what this week’s lesson is about but felt it was something I should do.

I’m going to share some thoughts and feelings I’ve experienced during The Master Key Mastermind Experience over the course of the past few months and asking all those who read my blog to share something in turn you may have experienced in your comments. Of course this will not be all inclusive just a few things.

I found myself feeling calm at times when in the past I would have let certain things bother me.

I felt as though my blog post helped someone gain some insight.

I gained a deeper understanding of who I am

I found it easier to accomplish my daily requirements.

I found it encouraging to read someone else’s blog post and gain insight.

I had several break through weeks, including aha moments.

Although the course has been difficult at times it’s helped me grow and I am without a doubt on a journey of self discovery.

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