What is a Mental Diet

Week # 7

I’m sure the Journey I’m about to embark on will be one of the most challenging things I have ever done, it’s called “ The Seven Day Mental Diet” It consists not of changing the foods I consume but changing my mental diet, the input of only those things which will benefit my mental state of mind.

“The most important of all factors in my life is the mental diet on which I live. It is the food which I furnish to my mind that determines the whole character of my life. It is the thoughts I allow myself to think, the subjects I allow myself to dwell upon, which make me and my surroundings what they are. As thy days, so shall be thy strength be. Everything in life today – the state of our body, whether healthy or sick, the state of my fortune, whether prosperous or impoverished, the state of my home, whether happy or the reverse, the present condition of every phase of my life in fact – is entirely conditioned by the thoughts and feelings which I have entertained in the past, by the habitual tone of my past thinking.”

“And the condition of my life tomorrow, and the next week, and next year, will be entirely conditioned by the thoughts and feelings which I choose to entertain from now onwards.”

“In other words, I choose my life, that is to say, I choose all the conditions of my life, when I choose the thoughts upon which I allow my mind to dwell. Thought is the real causative force in life, there is no other. I cannot have one kind of mind and another kind of environment. This means that I cannot change my environment while leaving my mind unchanged, nor — and this is the supreme key to life and the reason for this pamphlet – can I change my mind without my environment changing too. “

“This then is the real key to life: If I change my mind my conditions must change too – my body must change, my daily work or other activities must change; my home must change; the color – tone of my whole life must change – for whether I can be habitually happy and cheerful, or low – spirited and fearful , depends entirely on the quality of the mental food upon which I diet myself.”

“Emmet Fox wants me to be very clear about this, If I change my mind my conditions must change too. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds. So now I will see that my mental diet is really the most important thing in my whole life.”

Excerpts from the “ The Seven Day Mental Diet” by Emmet Fox

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7 thoughts on “What is a Mental Diet

  1. Ellen

    So was it as challenging as you believed it would be? :)
    This past week I’ve had no trouble being outwardly positive, but eliminating the negative self-talk has been harder. I have to keep reminding myself that these exercises are only as difficult as I choose to make them – even Emmet Fox says so!

    1. Dillon Flueck

      I am at the same spot where you are right now, its seems to be a challenge for me as well to be Positive, the thing is now I am seeing I am actually a whole not more negative than I thought I was initially, that including doing the things I love to do. I do see how the thought “This is going to be hard.” is now stabbing me in the toe.

  2. masterkeyesther

    Very nice post. ‘I changed my mind’ is a phrase I use to say without knowing how powerful it can become when well directed.

  3. Dillon Flueck

    “This then is the real key to life: If I change my mind my conditions must change too” makes me think of the phrase “You can take the Tiger from the Forest, but you can’t take the Forest out of the Tiger”. The only thing is there’s something that the Tiger changed his (or hers) mind to change their condition.


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