Week 2 – A Wake up Call has Sounded

As the days pass I am beginning to feel the change slowly but progress none the less.

My initial thoughts were things like how in the world will I ever be able to get all

this done in a day’s time, This is much too much work, Are they for real?

Although all these thoughts were bombarding me I kept moving forward reading the “Greatest Salesman in the World” attending webinars, following through with my assignment’s, revising my DMP, making adjustments to social sites and questioning if I would make it.

One evening feeling very fatigued I asked myself how badly do you want this, are you going to give up, fail, quit, get dropped from the program? Then I remembered it’s in you, the ability to succeed and finish is within you.

My mind began to move in the direction of how can I get this done what do I need to do?

What resources do I have at my disposal? I have the lessons, a coach and me Yes me, I have within me the ability to do this and succeed as long as I do not let fear overcome me.

That day I asked for assistance from my coach and worked on my mindset and beliefs things are improving and I believe I can and will do this. My coach is the best thank you Carolyn!

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One thought on “Week 2 – A Wake up Call has Sounded

  1. ferial

    It is awesome when we can over ride our old blue print and push through having faith that we are changing. You echoed myself a while back and with the encouragement of MMKA I am pushing through.
    I will be what I will to be…faith and courage. We are all with you Fred.


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