Part 2

Week 13 Blog

Part two

As I worked through it I felt sadness, anxious and nervous, my body trembled slightly, moments of crying as I processed the experience. I continued to sit, allowing myself to feel what I needed to experience, it was difficult I realized I had put a lot of distance between my brother and I, because of the actions of my brother,  the choices I made had created a feeling of loss and distance where we had always been very close as brothers.

I didn’t know him anymore, I wore an invisible shield to protect myself, I took on a controlling nature, thinking I was protecting myself, keeping things under control so I could maintain my comfort level.

Love cannot exist in this environment, The Law of Dual Thought.

The Master Key Master Mind Alliance experience is changing my life and creating growth for all in the program that apply themselves.

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13 thoughts on “Part 2

  1. Diane Weekley

    It is inspiring to read your share and to see what a deep experience you are having. I pray you continue to open to this experience and build bridges within to create bridges without…

  2. Dominique

    Hi Fred, you have all the tools in your hand. Keep going and you know better than I that “…if a negative thought enters your mind…use any fond memory or pleasant thought.” Love and Gratitude.

  3. Dennis Bell

    Wow Fred! You’ve had a real breakthrough here! I’m proud of your courage to let it wash over you instead of moving on quickly. You are really becoming your future self! All the best to you!

    1. Fred Post author

      Thank you Dennis, the course is a challenge for us all, the only way to change our blueprint and become our future self is through our willingness to do the work and stand up to the challenges along the way. Thank you for your support wishing you the best in your own personal journey.

  4. Debbie Arnell

    Thanks for the finish! And for the reminder of the Law of Dual Thought! Love and other memories can’t exist at the same time! Ah Ha! We are on the journey together! A Team

  5. Bonnie

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  6. Janet Andrews

    Fred you are wished so much love as you continue on this important path you are traveling with all your Team members! This being the week of “Harmony” and the concentrated effort we are to put into acquiring it with our sits, hopefully the timing is just right for you. I certainly need a massive dose with my relationship with my brother!

    1. Fred Post author

      Janet thank you for your thoughts and well wishes, the timing always appears when we need it, this has been a great experience, challenging but great.

  7. Ellen L

    It’s strange, isn’t it, the kind of self-destructive things we do in the mistaken idea we’re protecting ourselves. I hope you’ve succeeded in breaking down that invisible shield that prevents you from becoming your authentic self.

    1. Fred Post author

      It was a revelation for me I had no idea what I had done, the distancing, the walls, the workings of the mind in the name of protecting ourselves.


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