A confusing week….

Blog Week 17

A confusing week….


Wow this has been a challenging week, I have had a general feeling of confusion, feeling as though things weren’t right. Nothing seemed to flow in harmony as it has in the past few weeks.

Mark mentioned there is something unique about this point in the course and my experience seems to confirm that.

I’ve found myself questioning whether I could have adopted the thought that this would be a difficult week and created it that way, could that be possible? That would be a powerful exhibit of the power of thought. Looking forward to getting things back to a more even flow.

I would love to hear from others on how there week flowed.

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9 thoughts on “A confusing week….

  1. Debbie Couillard

    If you are only experiencing this now, I am really impressed. I have gone through that space several times over the past 18 weeks. At this point, keep going! You have come too far to go back! Know that you are not alone!

  2. deannamasterkey

    Yes, I too have been out of sorts all week. But we have been driving 10-12 hours/day in our RV to return from travels. Very little sit time and too tired to do the reading at the end of the day. Glad you are keeping up and pushing through.

  3. Ellen L

    The last five weeks have been pretty up-and-down rocky, really. I keep wondering the same thing! “What have I done to cause this? What thought do I need to substitute, and what should I substitute with?”
    Hang on to it; I’m sure sunshine is just around the corner past the storm!


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